Rental with driver in Western Sicily

The rental service with driver, also known by the acronym NCC, is a non-scheduled public transport system that is often identified as the alternative to the taxi.
L’offerta è molto simile e la regolamentazione è quasi la stessa ma non del tutto uguale. Il servizio N.C.C. a differenza del taxi si svolge esclusivamente a seguito di prenotazione ed è questa una delle tante diversità, il taxi, infatti,offre un servizio libero sugli appositi stalli, quindi non necessita di prenotazione.

Who performs the transfer service?

The rental with driver is carried out by qualified personnel in possession of a special driving licence, registration in the drivers' register and ownership of a specific license (or authorization) issued by an Italian municipality following a public tender.
Even the cars used for the performance of the public service are authorized and are tested every year in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety for users.

The advantages of the tranfer service

When you book a car, a relationship of trust is established between the customer and the renter. The customer does not take advantage of a generic service such as that offered by the taxi on the fly. The NCC service it is completely customisable, flexible and tailor-made according to the customer's needs.


Without a doubt, relying on the NCC service means having a driver waiting for you at the agreed place and at the agreed time. It also means being punctual and reaching your destination relaxed with less stress.
Whether it's a business trip or a holiday, whether you arrive at the station or depart from the airport, only an NCC service or more commonly called "blue car", can guarantee you punctuality, serenity and safety.
Il noleggio NCC è decisamente più affidabile rispetto a quello offerto dal servizio pubblico di linea, scioperi, guasti e imprevisti sono solo un brutto ricordo.
Using common public transport often means arriving too early or too late, renting with a driver also means optimizing time, just think of a possible transfer to or from the airport without unnecessary waiting and wasted time.

Who is the transfer service aimed at?

An NCC reservation satisfies the requests of a varied user with different needs, below is a short list of the most frequent use occasions:
• Transfer to and from Airport, Station, Port and Hotel
• Transfers for Congresses, Business meetings, Conventions.
• Excursions, Tours, Guided food and wine tours.
• Business dinners, Discos, Shopping.

Prices without surprises

Almost always if not always the rates for renting a car with driver are decidedly more competitive than a normal Taxi service.
Prices are agreed at the time of booking and do not undergo any changes since the taximeter is not provided on board the "blue cars".
Any deviations from the route or time lost due to traffic jams will not be counted.