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Trapani Birgi Airport

Aeroporto Trapani Birgi - Ingresso

Trapani Birgi Airport falls almost entirely in the territory of the municipalities of Misiliscemi and for a small percentage in the municipality of Marsala. Trapani Birgi airport is a military airport also open to civilian traffic, the first is called "Livio Bassi" while the civilian Trapani airport is called "Vincenzo Florio". The distance that separates Trapani Birgi airport from the city of Trapani is small, about 18 km while from Marsala the km are about 17, practically it is perfectly located in the center of the demographically largest municipalities in the province of Trapani.

The airport plays a vital role for the local economy, especially for the tourism sector, just think that in 25 minutes with a transfer from Vincenzo Florio Airport to the port of Trapani to be able to reach the island of Favignana, Levanzo or Marettimo. The civil airport of Trapani Birgi began its activity in the early 60s when flights to Palermo, Pantelleria and Tunis were transferred from the old airport of Trapani Chinisia. Over time, flights were increased and the province of Trapani was connected with the major cities of northern Italy thanks to its airport.

Ups and downs

Trapani Birgi Airport has experienced fluctuating periods, it was not all "roses and flowers", the 90s were almost completely inactive, there was only the flight that connected Trapani to Pantelleria. Only in 2003 after the reconstruction of the airport there was a noteworthy increase with the succession of airlines that made new flights from Vincenzo Florio in Trapani. From 2006 with the advent of Ryanair, Trapani Airport also became international, thus increasing the flow of passengers and 5 years later the management was entrusted by ENAC to the company Airgest s.p.a.

Just in 2011 the Vincenzo Florio airport of Trapani Birgi had to face the Libyan crisis, civilian flights had to give way to military ones, many were suspended and others diverted to Palermo Falcone and Borsellino airport. Only in the first months of 2012 the activity returned to normal and was increased to almost 1,500,000 passengers thanks to Ryanair. It didn't last long, first the commercial crisis with the Irish company that led Trapani airport to have a very low passenger flow and then the pandemic caused the activities of Vincenzo Florio to almost definitively collapse.

Aeroporto di Trapani Birgi - V. Florio

The crackling restart

Time is a gentleman and history confirms it, after the clouds the sun always comes out, and there was light!! It is 2021 and Albastar arrives from Spain which begins to ensure 6 national connections from Trapani airport, was followed by the Danish company Dat which ensured the connections with Pantelleria while the flight to Amsterdam was handled by Coredon Airlines. In the meantime, Ryanair is the master, providing Trapani airport with dozens of national and international routes, thus allowing Vincenzo Florio to record a splendid 2022 and decidedly rosy growth prospects for 2023.

Trapani Birgi Vincenzo Florio Airport plays a very important role for the whole province of Trapani, the tourist demand is constantly increasing and the economy of the westernmost province of Sicily needs its airport, which is why it must be supported and continuously enhanced . From Trapani airport you can easily reach San Vito lo Capo, Castellammare del Golfo, Scopello and any other destination in the province in a few minutes by car.

Basti pensare ad esempio che con un comodo transfer in appena 25 minuti si riesce a collegare l’aeroporto Vincenzo Florio al porto di Trapani e raggiungere Favignana o le Egadi in generale. Exclusive transfer è specializzata in questo, colleghiamo con transfer privati o collettivi l’ Aeroporto di Trapani costantemente con San Vito lo Capo, Castellammare del Golfo o Trapani porto per Favignana. Contattateci per conoscere i nostri servizi o organizzare le vostre Excursions, troveremo assieme la soluzione migliore per portarvi a destinazione presso la vostra struttura ricettiva affinché le vostre vacanze abbiano subito inizio

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